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How To Make A Bonsai Or Plant Display Bench

How To Make A Bonsai Or Plant Display Bench

This article illustrates how I constructed my bonsai bench. Hopefully it will help give others some ideas as to how they can build a bench for their bonsai plants, potted flowers, or herb gardens.

by John Heider · All Zones · 1411 views · Read Article »

Tree Topping - What You Need To Know

This article was posted to inform others of the harm topping trees can do to our landscapes and trees themselves.

by John Heider · All Zones · 1533 views · Read Article »

Citrus Killing Insect

This article is to inform home gardeners and others of the danger of the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), Diaphorina citri, insect that can infest and kill all varieties of citrus.

by John Heider · All Zones · 1182 views · Read Article »

Getting Started: A Brief Guide to Greenhouses

A brief guide to getting started with greenhouses.

by Rory Bagley · All Zones · 693 views · Read Article »

Herbicides - Are They Safe?

This article is meant to help gardeners determine if the use of herbicides with the active ingredient Glyphosate are safe to use in their gardens and landscapes.

by John Heider · All Zones · 776 views · Read Article »

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