Plants For Your Container Water Garden

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This article provides information and instructions for creating a container water garden
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Good Aquatic Plants for Container Gardens

No matter the size, any container water garden will look best when a variety of plants are brought together. You can use a tall plant for drama, a flowering plant for color, a cascading plant to extend blooms outside the container, and a floating plant to top off your creation.

Here's a few of my favorites for container water gardens...

Vertical Foliage Plants

Sweet Flag (Acorus) - a grassy plant with fruity fragrance that grows from 12 to 36 inches tall depending on variety
Dwarf Papyrus - bell shaped flower clusters atop 18 to 24 inch stems
Horsetail Grass (Equisetum hymale) - a grassy plant with tall bamboo-like stems (pictured right)
Rush (Juncus) - a hardy, grass-like plant with thin, rigid, straight or twisted blades depending on the variety
Water Iris - upright flowering iris. I really like Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus)
Cattail - 4-foot spires of foliage topped by brown flowers that look like sausage
Elephant Ears - bold tropical foliage with elephant ear shaped leaves


Water Lettuce - palm-sized plant with soft, wrinkled leaves with a velvety texture (pictured right)
Water Hyacinth - lilac-blue flowers bloom about 6 inches above the surface.
Floating Moss - tiny floater that's ideal for small container water gardens.
Duckweed - tiny floaters that fish love to eat.

Cascading Plants

Water Mint - fast-growing with fuzzy, round leaves and tiny, powder blue flowers.
Parrot Feather - soft, feathery tufts of foliage trail over the edge of the container (pictured right)


Variegated Spider Lily - green and white leaves with fragrant, white blooms.
Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia) - a spreading, delightful mound of red, green and cream leaves.
Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia) - a carnivorous upright plant with trumpet shape leaves with hoods that catch and trap flies and other insects (pictured right)
Water Celery - provides fragrance and delightful, green and pink foliage.

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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
Nice article. I have enjoyed creating several water gardens to enjoy on my patios and in the gardens. Besides plants, rocks, and figurines I have used small water pumps to add the sound of running or splashing water. A simple tube set vertically in the middle of the water garden can make a simple fountain. Water running over taller rocks make a nice small water fall that produces a pleasing sound as the water slowly falls into the garden. Adding small underwater lighting really highlights the plants and draws much attention in the evenings. Like the article said small fish can add interest to your water garden. I like using the small mosquito fish. They not only eat the mosquito larvae but keep the garden clean at the same time add nutrients for the plants. I believe most states in the U.S. have cities or special districts responsible for Vector control of multiple cities. I have found these vector control districts more than willing to give homeowners these mosquitos fish for free if they have enough available. The mosquito fish multiply quickly which allows me to net many at times to return to vector control. The vector contol district has always appreciated these fish as they are then given out to others to use in their ponds and water gardens. Its a small but nice way to help with the control of our mosquito pests.

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