Adding Fish To Your Container Water Garden

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This article provides information and instructions for creating a container water garden
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Adding fish...

Add a few fish to your water garden for extra appeal. Guppies, mollies, swordtails, mosquito fish and small gold fish are commonly available and live happily in a small container. These little fish not only add interest, they help keep plants healthy by eating aphids, mosquitoes, and other insect pests.

Wait one or two weeks after planting the container to add fish. During this time, your water garden will grow enough beneficial algae to provide a healthy environment for a few fish.

Limit the number of fish you select. The larger the container, the better it is for even the smallest fish specimen. For example, a whiskey barrel half is adequate for only four or five tiny fish.

To reduce stress caused by the variation in water temperature, float the bag you bring the fish home in on the surface of the container for about 30 minutes. Before releasing them, add small amounts of container water to the bag to acclimate your fish to their new home.

It's likely there will be enough food in the container water garden, including wayward insects, to support a few fish. But if you need to add supplemental food, watch to see if the fish are actively swimming before feeding them for the first time.

Other than replacing water that evaporates, and fertilizing and trimming your plants, there is little maintenance involved.

Unless you live in an area where the winter temperatures do not drop below freezing you will need to dismantle your tub garden or take it inside for the winter.

Happy container water gardening to you!

Maple Tree

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Nice article. I have enjoyed creating several water gardens to enjoy on my patios and in the gardens. Besides plants, rocks, and figurines I have used small water pumps to add the sound of running or splashing water. A simple tube set vertically in the middle of the water garden can make a simple fountain. Water running over taller rocks make a nice small water fall that produces a pleasing sound as the water slowly falls into the garden. Adding small underwater lighting really highlights the plants and draws much attention in the evenings. Like the article said small fish can add interest to your water garden. I like using the small mosquito fish. They not only eat the mosquito larvae but keep the garden clean at the same time add nutrients for the plants. I believe most states in the U.S. have cities or special districts responsible for Vector control of multiple cities. I have found these vector control districts more than willing to give homeowners these mosquitos fish for free if they have enough available. The mosquito fish multiply quickly which allows me to net many at times to return to vector control. The vector contol district has always appreciated these fish as they are then given out to others to use in their ponds and water gardens. Its a small but nice way to help with the control of our mosquito pests.

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