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Your garden says a lot about you. Its design, the aesthetics, the upkeep – all of it is a reflection on your personality.
by Roger Bravo · All Zones · Gardenality Ideas & Vision · 0 Comments · September 17, 2013 · 2,157 views

Your garden says a lot about you. Its design, the aesthetics, the upkeep – all of it is a reflection on your personality. This is not to be judgmental or to freak you out. Most of us understand that it is possible to let a garden grow wild every once in a while (we may not have enough time on hand, we may have to travel a lot, we may have been sick).

We are, however, referring to the good times. The times when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and there's a new promise in the air. Everybody is out in full force tending to their gardens, doing their best to create some magic.

Are you, too?

Worry not, we are here to help.

We have presented here a few tips that will help you add an element of originality to your garden while also transforming it into something truly eye-catching and memorable.

Read on.

• Keep your garden clean and well-pruned

You saw that coming, didn't you? We thought you would but since the point is very important and forms the base of a tidy garden, it warranted a mention here.

You wouldn't step out of the house in a wild unkempt hairdo expecting to look great on camera, would you? So spare your garden the blushes and give it a nice prune job, something flattering. That is the fastest way to make it look chic and professional.

• Incorporate some stone magic

Stones and gardens are a match made in heaven; you simply can't go wrong with them. Line your garden pathway(s) with gravel and pebbles. That's the best accompaniment to summer -- a beachy romantic feel without stepping out of the house.

Line the garden walls with stony bricks of a rough texture. This will give an instant lift to your outdoor space. The wall will look beautiful, photograph well, and exude a rustic and homely feel in the soft sunshine of the late afternoon.

• Plant a colorful canopy

A canopy or a garden umbrella can be the single most cheerful addition to your garden in summers. Make one on your own if the DIY prospect excites you.

An umbrella/canvas canopy is very useful in that it shields you from the bright sun, while the pop of color will instantly perk up the space. It also has an old-style Hollywood glamour to it. Tie your hair up, bring out your cat-framed sunglasses, and go lounge in your garden!

• Invest in stylish patio furniture

A beautiful patio can significantly amp up the style quotient of your exterior. If you must have a garden chair, get the best you can afford. If not, create one yourself. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Repaint an old chair in a creamy shade and dry clean its upholstery so that it looks like new. Learn the French art of decoupage and try it out on your freshly painted garden table. You'll have a beauty at a minimal cost. Keep an eye on your beautiful furniture and garden from inside the house with the help of an outdoor camera.

• Build a deck

A raised wooden deck in the garden oozes class. It's like sailing in a sea of fragrant flowers without a care in the world. A deck is also rather handy. There's so much you can do with it – throw in a couple of pillows and catch a nap in the sun. Stretch in a sun bed with a romantic novel. Invite your guests over for a glass of iced tea.

Choose engineered wood to protect the deck against the elements and finish it in a soft beige color.

• Paint the garden steps

Or the garden pathway if you don't have any steps in your garden. Paint it in attractive patterns and lifelike designs. Get it re-laid in a mosaic design. Your options are very many.

• Create at least one piece of unusual garden decoration

This is an area where you can let your imagination run wild. Really, the wilder the better. That's how you will hit your best ideas and have the courage to pursue them to reality.

Remember we said create, not purchase. But if creation is not your passion, that is also fine. See what eccentric items you can dig out on ebay!


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