Pruning An Old Or Neglected Asian Pear Tree

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This article provides helpful tips and instructions for pruning Asian pear trees
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Pruning Old Or Neglected Asian Pear Trees

Many people will purchase a home and property with an old and/or neglected pear tree growing on it. The previous owners did not take time to properly prune and care for the tree and now it has become overly bushy and weak, and produces few if any pears. Such a tree requires extensive corrective pruning.

The main objective in pruning an old, neglected pear tree is to try to open up the interior to allow good light penetration.

Corrective pruning should be done in late winter, before new spring growth begins to emerge.

As with younger pear trees, it is necessary to select 4 to 8 lower and upper main scaffold branches with good crotch angles and that are spaced around the tree. Limbs with poor angles, and excess scaffold limbs, should be removed at their base. Then remove all the upright or downward growing shoots from the main branches. Cut them off at their base. In some cases it is advisable to spread the corrective pruning over two to three seasons.

When this type of severe pruning is done in the winter the trees should not be fertilized that spring.

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