How To Fertilize Aquatic Pond Plants

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This article will teach you how to fertilize Aquatic Pond Plants.
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Fertilizers contain minerals that are used by plants for growth and development. There are many factors that may determine the amount and type of fertilizer to use such as amount of sun, temperature, water, and type of plant. Each plant varies on its requirements. It should be noted that fertilizers are not used to correct cultural problems. So, if the environment is not right, the use of fertilizers will not help the plant. Also remember that overfertilization can lead to algae problems in your garden pond.

How To Fertilize Pond Plants

One of the biggest problems connected to using fertilizer in a garden pond is that it can cause an algae bloom. This can be prevented by using the right kind of fertilizer. Use a pond plant fertilizer that is made for ponds and pond plants. These fertilizers are typically low in phosphorous, which will prevent them from causing algae bloom. Fertilizers for land plants should not be used in ponds as these can burn aquatic plants and kill the fish in the pond.

Pond fertilizers typically come in either granular form or as slow release tablets or spikes. Either form of fertilizer is fine for fertilizing your pond plants. Which you use is your preference. I prefer tablets or spikes. Tablet forms of fertilizer are the most convenient to use as they can be pushed into the soil. Granular forms of fertilizer can be wrapped in some type of biodegradable paper such as a coffee filter to make application easier. These can also be easily pushed into the soil.

Floating water plants, such as Water Hyacinths, can be removed from the pond and dipped into a solution of Mriacle Gro or some other water soluble fertilizer.

NOTE: Follow instructions on package label for fertilization rates and application tips.

When To Use Pond Plant Fertilizer

Ponds should be fertilized once in the spring and then once a month after that at half the recommended rate until the end of summer. Once your aquatic plants start to fade in fall, stop fertilizing them.

Organic Pond Fertilizer

If you are looking for an organic way how to fertilize a pond, fish such as gold fish or koi are an excellent alternative. Their waste will fertilize the pond plants and the fish will feed on the plants, creating a lovely symbiotic solution to fertilizing your pond.

If you keep fish in your pond to fertilize your aquatic plants, you can also use the pond water to fertilize the garden. This nutrient rich water can be used in vegetable gardening, flower gardening and container gardening.

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