How To Fertilize A Palm Tree

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This article will teach you how to fertilize a palm tree.
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The most important factor for a healthy palm tree is good soil. The type of soil determines how much nutrients and water the plant receives.

Good Soil Is Most Important!

The best contribution you can make to your palm tree's soil is the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi exist naturally in most soils that haven't been disturbed by tilling or treated with chemicals and chemical fertilizers. The word "mycorrhiza" comes from the Greek language and literally means "fungus roots". You may not know it, but mycorrhizal fungi are a crucial part of the health of 95% of the plants growing throughout the world. Organic compost is a good source of fungi. When planting a palm, be sure to add some to the backfill mixture.

Fertilization of Palms

Another vital component of palm tree care is proper fertilization. Palm trees require specially formulated Palm Tree Fertilizers that answer to very specific conditions. If palms grow in your region, your local nursery and garden center should stock palm tree fertilizer. If not, ask them to order it for you.

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