Herbicides - Are They Safe?

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This article is meant to help gardeners determine if the use of herbicides with the active ingredient Glyphosate are safe to use in their gardens and landscapes.
by Maple Tree · All Zones · Human Health · 0 Comments · February 02, 2016 · 2,308 views

Post emergent non-selective herbicides such as Roundup have always been my go to product for weed control throughout my gardens. Roundup is known to have glyphosate as its active ingredient which has been shown to have a safe environmental record since it was introduced. Until a few weeks ago I had never thought about the two products (Roundup and KillzAll) toxicity to humans until hearing cautions regarding the use of Glyphosate.

Recently there has been much concern over the use of the herbicide Roundup and its toxicity to humans. Roundup along with many non-selective herbicides contain Glyphosate. These concerns were somewhat troubling to me as Glyphosate has always been considered a safe herbicide to use and is the most highly used herbicide in agriculture in the world today. New studies have supposedly indicated that the toxicity to humans and the contraction of many diseases may be contributed to the chemical make up of the Roundup herbicide. Although many herbicides contain Glyphosate I found some research may indicate the inert ingredients or chemicals added along with the Glyphosate may be responsible for a higher toxicity level. Many of these inert ingredients are not noted on product labels and new research may or not find they add to the toxicity of herbicides with the active ingredient Glyphosate.

I thought it important to inform gardeners that may also be concerned to do their own research on Roundup and other herbicides containing Glyphosate before treating their gardens with these products. Much can be found on the internet regarding new research on the toxicity of Roundup and the research and statements by Monsanto who introduced Roundup commercially in 1974.

It is my unbiased opinion that treating your gardens with specific herbicides should be an individual gardeners choice but only after he or she feels the product they are using is safe for themselves, their animals, and the environment. No matter what products you are using it is imperative that the products' information labels are read in their entirety along with mixing and treatment done exactly as noted on the products instructions. It is also my opinion that the best weed prevention is keeping you gardens tilled well and removing perennial and annual weeds by hand whenever possible. Weed preventers can also be applied in ornamental landscape beds to kill weed seeds before they sprout.

Noted below are links to articles I found that will hopefully help many see both sides of the situation. Only after weighing as much information available can we make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase a specific product.
















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