Frame And Shelf Construction

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This article illustrates how I constructed my bonsai bench. Hopefully it will help give others some ideas as to how they can build a bench for their bonsai plants, potted flowers, or herb gardens.
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Bench Front View With Dimensions

Bench Side View With Dimensions

Bench Rear View Detail

Rear bench diagonal bracing boards are used to keep right and left sides of bench parallel and square with one another. These braces should be installed once bench side assemblies are completed and set in their upright position with rear lower bench support holding them the correct distance apart from one another. Exact height where these braces attach to the rear legs is not as important as it is to make sure both braces are cut the same length and attached at the same height on both right and left rear legs. The upper end of the braces on my bench were attached on the inside of the rear legs at an approximate height of 33 inches above the bottom of the rear leg. The angle of the cuts to be made on the top and bottom end of the braces can be easily made. In order to mark where your cuts will be made just lay the bracing boards against the back side of the rear legs 33 inches up from the bottom of the rear leg and against the back side of the rear lower bench support. With a pencil mark the exact center of the rear lower bench support. The lower end of the right and left diagonal brace should be located on the right and left of this center mark and against one another. As long as these two braces meet each other in the middle of the rear lower bench support it is not important they are cut to fit with each other as shown on my bench. Draw a line with a pencil on the upper end of the brace following the inside edge of the leg. Next draw a line on the bracing board following the bottom edge of the rear lower bench support. Make your saw cuts on the bracing board following the your pencil lines. This will give you the correct angle of cut in order to mount your braces at the top against the inside of the rear legs and the bottom of the brace in the center of the outside of the rear lower bench support.

Caster Mounting Board

Casters can be attached directly to the bottom of bench legs or caster mounting boards then attached permanently to the bench legs using construction screws. Holes can be cut in the caster mounting boards to set the bench legs in if casters are to be used only periodically then easily removed when not needed. In order to cut holes set bench on top and centered on caster mounting boards. This should be done before casters are mounted to the mounting boards. With a pencil draw a line around the bottom of each leg onto the mounting board. This will give you an outline of the three holes that will be needed to set the legs on the right and left side of the bench into. Drill a 3/8 inch hole at each corner inside the penciled outlined shape of the legs. These holes will allow you to insert a jigsaw blade used to cut out the holes needed to set your bench legs into. To cut the bench leg holes out just cut following the pencil lines you had drawn that are now between the small holes that were drilled in each corner.

Lower Shelf Supports


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