Where To Begin Growing Tomatoes

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This article will teach you how to grow tomatoes.
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Start by deciding whether you want to start your tomato plants from seed or by buying ready-to-plant tomato plants at your local nursery.

There are good reasons to go either way. Planting from seed will save you some money, as a pack of seed will usually cost less than tomato plants. You also will generally have a better choice of different varieties when starting from seed. Planting tomatoes that you buy from your local nursery has some advantages as well. You only need to plant the best looking plants you can find. Seeing how green and lush a plant is will help you pick out the best ones.

TIP: Pick a few different varieties of tomatoes to grow so your harvest will not all come at the same time. Too, you'll get to explore the taste and textures to see which one(s) you like the best.

When To Plant Tomato Plants?

In colder regions, where the growing season is much shorter, you may want to start your plants indoors from seed, or wait to purchase plants that are ready to plant straight in the garden at the right time: when all chances of frost and damaging cold weather has passed.

Your local independent nursery and garden center should have a good selection of tomato plants when the time is right for planting. They may even have some organic-grown plants.

Either way you go, be patient by waiting until all chances of frost have passed and nightime temperatures will remain above 50 degrees F. If you jump the gun and plant too early, and a late frost or cold blast comes, protect plants by covering with plastic or some type of other suitable cover.

Where To Plant Tomato Plants?

Whether growing tomatoes in containers or growing your tomatoes in the garden, they will grow best where there is plenty of sunshine.

Picking your gardening spot is very important. Your gardens success or failure may depend on where it is. You will need to plant somewhere that gets a lot of sun. Tomato plants seem to do better if they are in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun each day. More is better in the case of tomatoes. Make sure your planting spot can be watered without a lot of trouble. When you do not get an inch of rain a week you will need to water your plants so they can thrive.

Planting tomatoes is a very satisfying thing to do. Follow a good plan and you should be enjoying the fruits of your labor well into the Fall.


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