Methods of Bonsai Propagation

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This article will teach you the different methods of bonsai propagation.
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Why Is Tree Propagation So Significant? - Trees that are sought-after for use as bonsai material have several characteristics that make them appropriate for the smaller design arrangements of bonsai. These characteristics assist in the persuasive reproduction of nature from a miniature perspective. The range of characteristics desirable for use as bonsai material include: form, color, branch and trunk structure, bark texture, a wide range of leaf shapes, sizes, and textures, and for pines - a wide range of needle shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. The ability to faithfully reproduce trees that contain these desirable characteristics, through the use of different methods of propagation, is essential to the future of these valuable varieties of trees, and by extension, to the future of bonsai, itself.

Growing Bonsai from Seed - There are two very advantageous features to growing bonsai trees from seed - for both beginning and experienced bonsai enthusiasts. The first advantage is that you can grow "hard to find" species of bonsai trees for a relatively small price. A pack of bonsai seeds can be purchased, on average, for under $5. The second, and most important, advantage is that once your seeds have successfully germinated and your trees begin to grow, you can control every aspect of your tree, at every stage of its development into a quality bonsai. The size, shape and style of your trees are yours to control from the very beginning.

Cuttings - Cuttings are one of the most popular methods to propagate quality bonsai material. Cuttings are an excellent propagation method, because they will create numerous trees that are genetically identical to the " parent " tree or bonsai. By taking cuttings, you can create new trees from a tree that contains the characteristics you consider to be important and suitable for a bonsai tree to have. An additional reason that makes cuttings one of the more popular ways to propagate bonsai material is that it is faster than starting bonsai trees from seed. Some species of trees will produce a rooted, growing tree - from a cutting - before the seeds of another tree can even sprout! Saving you tons of time and, quite often, weeks of worry.


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