Preperation For Planting Aquatic Plants

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This article provides tips and suggestions for how to plant aquatic pond and bog plants.
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White water lily Gardening with aquatics is similar to other forms of gardening in that you have to be aware of proper soil conditions, kinds of containers, proper planting techniques, fertility needs, and after planting care. What makes water gardening unique is that the plants you grow will be growing with their roots under water. Water depth, water temperature and what to do with plants during the winter are things you'll have to consider.

Soils for Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants, such as water liles and lotus do best when they are planted in heavy clay loam soils similar to what you would have in a garden setting. Commercial potting mixes are too lightweight and do not hold nutrients for any length of time so not good for use when planting aquatic plants.

Containers For Aquatic Plants

Choose containers based on the size of your garden pond, and the purpose. The size of the pond dictates the size of the container and the types of plants that you will grow. Containers that are about 15-18 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep are suitable for hardy water lilies. Tropical water lilies prefer a little larger container: 20 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. For other types of plants, containers in the range of 6 to 20 inches are suitable. Keep in mind that larger containers will aloow plants to grow larger, and smaller containers tend to grow smaller plants.


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