Miniature Rock Garden

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This article will teach you how to create a miniature rock garden.
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Rock Garden
Designed to resemble a scene or natural setting, rock gardens mimic nature. You can easily create your own miniature rock gardens in a container and display it on your patio or indoors, depending on the plants you choose. For an outdoor rock garden, select herbs, succulents or annuals. For an indoor garden, try some of the annual succulent plants.

When you're digging in your yard, on vacation or traveling, keep your eyes open for interesting rocks. You'll be amazed at the variety you find. You can also find a variety of smaller stones at your local stone yard - sometimes they will give the tiny ones to you.

Select plants with the same requirements for water and sun or shade and varieties that are low-growing or trailing so they won't obscure the rocks. Choose plants with foliage textures and bloom colors that harmonize with the rocks. Hens and Chicks and small sedums are excellent selections for a container rock garden.


  • Container - Preferably made from clay, stone, or concrete
  • Potshard or gravel to cover the drainage hole
  • Lightweight potting soil
  • Plants - Tropical or perennial succulents, sedums are great selections
  • Small rocks
  • Pea Gravel

NOTE: Depending on the size container you select, the finished project could be quite heavy. Consider building it where you plan to keep it!

  1. Begin by placing a potshard - or a piece of plastic window screen - in the bottom of the container to prevent soil from washing out. Place some gravel or small rocks in the bottom of the container as well.

  2. Then fill the container half-full of fast-draining potting soil - a cactus mix if you can find it. Add small pea gravel at a 50/50 ratio to heavier potting soils that retain too much moisture.

  3. Select small rocks with interesting textures and shapes, and experiment with their placement atop the soil until you like the look of the container. Place the tallest rock toward the back or center of the container if it will be viewable from all sides.

  4. Place taller plants toward the back of the pot or center, gently loosening their root balls before planting. If you like, move the rocks out of the way to make planting easier. After planting, water well o settle the plants in the soil.

  5. Cover any spaces where soil shows with pea gravel.


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