Jamur Zoysia Grass Overview

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This article is an overview of Jamur Zoysia grass.
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Jamur Zoysia GrassJamur Zoysia is a medium textured zoysiagrass with a distinctive blue-green color unlike any other zoysia. Jamur produces a very lush, dense turf and offers an unusually rapid recovery rate from traffic. Can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7-11.

Jamur is ideal for any turf project where you want to be noticed. Jamur is extremely wear and drought tolerant and possesses much better cold, insect and disease tolerances than the older zoysia varieties. If you are a fan of zoysia, but you insist on greater quality and characteristics, you will want to be a part of the Jamur revolution.

Jamur Zoysia For Your Landscape

If you enjoy the feel of Meyer zoysia but dislike the lime green look, then you will love Jamur. With its’ medium blade width and blue-green color, Jamur is the improvement in zoysia that our clients have been waiting for. While Jamur is impressively wear tolerant, you will love the look of it even more.

If your landscape plan is to provide unparalleled beauty and reduce maintenance, then Jamur will be the perfect centerpiece for your landscape creation.

Jamur Zoysia For Golf

From your aprons and bunker faces to the front lawn of the clubhouse, Jamur is a zoysia that our golf clients have fallen in love with. After years of trying to achieve some kind of relatively nice color with Meyer, you can now spend your money somewhere else on the course, because Jamur comes with a natural blue-green color built in.

Jamur is a very durable grass and provides great recovery from cart and foot traffic. The recovery rate on Jamur is nearly half the time when compared to the older zoysias, which means increased usability of valuable surface area with a reduction in high intensity management practices.

Jamur is a golf course superintendents answer to durability, natural aesthetic appeal, contrasting, and most of all, ease of use.

  • Natural Blue-Green Color
  • Medium Texture
  • High Density Turf Establishment
  • Extremely Wear Tolerant
  • Exceptional Heat / Drought Tolerance
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Moderate Shade Tolerance
  • High Sun Tolerance
  • High Disease and Pest Tolerance
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