August Tips & Reminders - Zone 8

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This article provides landscape and gardening tips for the month of August in Zone 8
by Brett · Zone 7B · 5° to 10° F to Zone 9A · 20° to 25° F · Growing Basics · 0 Comments · November 03, 2010 · 11,333 views

August Tips for Zone 8

August is usually one of if not the hottest and, in some regions, the muggiest months of the year...what some call the "Dog Days of Summer." Even so, there's lots that we can be doing in the landscape and gardens. Contrary to popular belief, August is a good time to plant most types of shrubs and trees, and is also a good time to plant a warmseason lawn with sod. If the weather has been dry you'll definitely want to keep an eye on young plants to make sure they have enough water. But be careful not to over water! With the exception of bog plants, which require a moist or wet soil, and xeriscape plants such as cactus and succlents, which require very little water, most young or newly planted plants like enough water to keep the soil damp or moist, but not constantly soggy.

Fertilization & Watering Tips

  • Provide supplemental water to outdoor plants and trees - During the "Dog Days of August" temperatures are usually at their hottest of the year in Zone 8 of the South. If we are experiencing a dry spell during this time, it may be necessary to provide supplemental water to newer plantings as well as older, well-established trees and shrubs growing in the landscape and gardens. To water larger trees or shrubs suffering from lack of moisture, lay a water hose on the ground that encircles the outer perimeter of the branch system and deeply soak for several hours once or twice a week, or as needed. Check container gardens once or twice a day and deep soak these as well when needed. You may also want to apply a layer of mulch (no more than 2 inches thick) in garden beds and in pots to help retain moisture. Keep in mind that the root systems of larger trees and shrubs usually extend 10-20% beyond the diameter of the canopy.

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  • Fertilize and continue to water the lawn - If your lawn is looking a little less green than you like, August is a good time to apply a lawn fertilizer. An application of slow-release lawn fertilizer, or a non-burning natural fertilizer such as Milorganite, should supply enough food until fall, when you will apply a fall feed fertilizer. Apply a dose of Hi-Yield Iron Plus to Centipede lawns for deep greening. Continue if necessary to provide enough supplemental water to the lawn to reduce stress from heat and drought and to keep it healthy.

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  • Fertilize and prune your annual plants - Annual plants growing in flowerbeds or in containers can be fed with a flower food during August. If your annual plants have become leggy cut them halfway back or so to encourage new growth and more flowers.

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  • Fertilize vegetable plants - Unless you staged plantings in your vegetable garden, some plants might be starting to wind down a little in the vegetable garden. That being said, the plants still producing will require feeding. Provide them a dose of organic vegetable food.

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