Mums - Annual or Perennial?

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The article is a review on prennial fall garden chrysanthemums
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Annual or Perennial?

Not all mums are hardy - you have the Hardy (perennials) and the Florist (annual) types. Mums aren't as expensive as many perennials, so if you choose to, you can plant them as annuals without worrying that you've spent too much money on something that might not live more than one season. If you're an impulse buyer, you'll probably see pots of colorful mums this Fall and not be able to resist.

When planted in Fall, perennial hardy mums usually have time enough to root themselves in, however, it's a good idea to mulch them heavily with pine straw for insurance.

Whether you're looking for a quick splash of color or a fixture for your border, mums are the pick for a colorful Fall.

Mums come in an array of bloom forms. The most common bloom shapes are:

Decorative Mum BloomDecorative form produces masses of tight, pincushion-like flowers with long, tightly overlapping petals that entirely cover the foliage. They flowers can be either incurve (where petals curve up and in toward the flower center) or reflex (where petals curve out and down, away from the flower center).

Mum Bloom Daisy TypeDaisy form produces masses of large, daisy-like flowers with a central eye-zone that entirely cover the foliage. Flowers consist of one row of petals that surround a center dish.

Mum Bloom Spoon TypeSpoon Tip form produces masses of unique, large, daisy-like flowers that have spoon-like petals.

Mum Bloom PomponPompon form produces masses of smaller, globe-shaped flowers that are petal-packed and entirely cover the foliage.

Mum Bloom QuilledQuilled form produces masses of spider-like flowers with narrow, wuilled petals.

Maria von Dickersohn

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It's almost time to move some plants inside. How can I do this without bringing in "outdoor wildlife"? I hope this is the right place to ask for help.

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Hi Maria - The best place to ask gardening-related questions in Gardenality is in Ask Experts. To get there, click on the green Ask Experts tab in the main menu near the top of this page. This will take you to Ask Experts where you can ask any question you want. This way, your question and any answers that are provided will be in the Ask Experts database where others in the future with the same or similar question can easily find it:-) - Brent

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