How To Care For Pansies

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This article provides information about pansies and how to plant and care for them
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How to Care for Your Pansies

Pansies are very easy to grow when cared for properly. Here's the lowdown on pansy care...

Pansies are a low nutrient plant meaning they do not require much fertilizer. At planting time, feed your newly planted pansies with a flower food containing the "nitrate" form of nitrogen. When shopping for fertilizer, just look on the package to make sure it is nitrate nitrogen. Mixing the fertilizer into the soil before setting out the plants is recommended. Depending on the amount of rain that comes during winter, and wthether or not you used a slow- or quick-release fertilizer, your pansies might require another feeding or two during the season. I usually feed mine once at planting time and again in late winter. Alternatively, you may use a natural or organic fertilizer every 4 to 6 weeks to promote health and increased blooming.

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Pruning - Pansies do not require pruning, however occasional deadheading (removing spent flowers and stems) helps to increase flowering. If you purchase pansy plants that have "stretched" or leggy in the pots they are growing in, cut them halfway back at planting time to promote denser branching.

Watering - Pansies do not like constantly soggy soil, so water them only when necessary. Allow the soil to dry out somewhat before providing water. Always water in the morning. As with most other plants, watering in the late evening or at night can lead to fungal development.

Pest and Disease Problems - There aren't many if any insects around during the winter so, needless to say, pansies don;t have any serious insect problems. If you plant your pansies in well-drained soil, and don't over-water, diseases won't be a problem. If you see that an individual pansy plant has developed stem rot, identified by a black ring or section of the stem, remove and discard it to stop the spread of the disease.

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