How To Create A Garden In Gardenality

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This article shows you how to create a Virtual Garden from your Gardener Profile in Gardenality
by Chason Arthur · All Zones · Gardenality Gardens · 6 Comments · December 17, 2010 · 51,314 views

Basic Description of the Create A Garden System

As a Gardenality Member, you can use the Create A Garden system to create Virtual Gardens. These Virtual Gardens can represent Existing gardens that are already growing in your yard at home, or Future gardens you intend to plant in your yard at some time in the future.

After having created an Existing or Future Garden, other Gardenality members can visit your profile to see your Virtual Gardens, and the plants that you have planted in them. Like wise, you can visit other Gardenality members profiles to see their gardens. What's really neat is that you can even copy a garden you find in another members profile to your own profile. Then the Gardenality Cooperability System tells you if the plants in the garden you copied will work in your garden!

All in all, the Create A Garden system is a great way to create and share garden ideas!

Follow these links to learn more and get started creating future gardens or showing off your real gardens

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I am having trouble finding where I can download my own picture files

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Marty Hayes

Marty Hayes · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
i put a ton of plants in my wheelbarrow and now I can't find my

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I just joined and the first problem I'm having is navigation

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