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This article will show you how to use the Article Editor to write and publish an article in Gardenality
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In our efforts to provide quality content to our members and visitors, Gardenality asks that article authors do not link to third party websites. Gardenality is an information-based website that seeks to provide valuable gardening-related information to our members and visitors. Any article that we deem substandard or written for the sole purpose of being an advertisement will be deleted by Gardenality. If you have any questions please contact Gardenality here.

Writing And Publishing An Article In Gardenlity - Getting Started

This article will show you how to use the Gardenality Article Editor to write and then publish your article(s) in the Gardenality Article Database. Articles you write and publish can be viewed by other Gardenality Members and random non-members who visit Gardenality. Articles are a great way to provide your knowledge and information to others who might appreciate and use it to become better gardeners themselves. Publishing informative Articles in the Gardenality Article Database can be an especially valuable tool for Gardenality Business Members and professionals who want to provide their knowledge and, in doing so, gain valuable exposure.

NOTE: To write and publish an article(s) in Gardenality you must first become a's free to join.

Follow these instructions to write and publish an Article:

Open the Article Manager

To begin, click on the "My Articles" link in your My Garden Homepage, as shown boxed in red in the image below. Then click on the Manage My Articles link, also boxed in red in the picture below. This will open your My Articles Manager.

May Articles

Title Your New Article

When in your My Articles Manager, you will see a list of Articles you have already published in Gardenality. However, if you're reading these instructions for the first time, you have probably yet to write and publish an Article. If so, there will be nothing in this space.

In your Article Manager you will see Add A New Article (as shown in picture below).

Follow these instructions for creating a new Article:

  • Article Title - Enter the title for the new Article in the "Article Title" field.
  • Select A Category- Click on the drop down arrow at the right of the "Category" field to select a MAIN category that your Article will go under in the Gardenality Article Database. You can associate your article to other applicable categories later.
  • Add Article - Click on the green "Add Article" button. This will open the Article Editor, where you may begin writing your article.

Add A New Article Title

How To Use The Article Editor
Adding A Page To Your Article
Selecting Related Articles
Relating Plant Files To Your Article

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