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This article explains the Gardenality Member Ranking System
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What is Gardenality Member Rank?

The Gardenality Member Rank system is one in which you, as a member, can achieve a higher and higher level of "Rank" by way of a point-scoring system. As you score more points from your activity and contributions in Gardenality, you move up through the Ranks. There are 11 Gardenality Rank Levels.

Why does Gardenality have a Member Rank System?

The Gardenality Member Rank System was designed for three very good purposes:

1) First of all, it's fun!

Everybody likes a challenge...well, many people do, especially when it's a fun one. The challenge on Gardenality is to see how high you can climb in the Ranks. Of course, the more time you spend and the more knowledge and information you contribute to Gardenality, the more points you score and the higher Rank you achieve.

2) Reliability and Accuracy

Gardenality is a member driven website. This means all the content you find in the site has been added by its members. But not all content submitted comes to life on the website.

Here's how it works.
To insure that Gardenality provides and consistently maintains the most accurate information, much of the newly added content remains in a "pending" status until it has captured enough votes from other Gardenality members to gain approval and go "live" on the website. This is especially true regarding the specific data found in the Gardenality Plant Files. The higher your level of rank, the more voting points you get. With these increased number of voting points comes more power you can use to approve new, pending content that is being added to Gardenality by other members.

3) Exposure & Recognition

Last but not least, the Gardenality Member Rank system allows those who contribute the most to Gardenality to gain the most exposure and recognition for their contributions. With each Rank achieved comes your new title and badge of honor. The Rank Title follows you everywhere on Gardenality. Wherever your name appears in Gardenality, your title is found right beside it. The Rank Badge is displayed prominently beneath your profile picture on your Gardenality Profile.

How to move up in Rank?

Just about everything you do in Gardenality can score points. Simply signing up and putting the trim on your Gardenality Profile will score you enough points to move up from the first level of rank as a 'Seed', to the second rank of 'Sprout'.

Here's a short list of other ways you can score points:

  • Creating or editing a Plant File
  • Writing and publishing an Article
  • Asking or answering questions in Ask Experts
  • Creating or taking Quizzes to test your own knowledge, and the knowledge of others
  • Thumbs up ratings or comments you give to edits, publications, and pictures others have contributed to Gardenality
  • Thumbs up ratings or comments given by other Gardenality members to the edits, publications, and pictures you've contributed to Gardenality

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