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This article explains the Gardenality Member Ranking System
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As you spend more time on Gardenality you score more points and are rewarded with a higher and higher Gardenality "Rank".

Below are descriptions of the eleven Gardenality Member Rankings


Required Points: 0

No matter what the gardening experience level, anyone who signs up to become a Member of Gardenilty starts out as a Seed, and must work their way up through the Ranks. That being said, those with more experience and knowledge to share, might work their way up through the Ranks quicker than a beginning gardener. In Gardenality, one must first know and appreciate what it is to be a Seed before one can come to know and appreciate the joy of sprouting to share knowledge. Seeds can quickly grow to become a Sprout by simply creating a Gardener Profile.


Required Points: 100

Though Sprouts have not really had the time to showcase their gardening skills and abilities in the Gardenality Community, they've been at play tending to and growing their Gardener Profile and demonstrating a willingness to grow and share with others. It doesn't take long, and doesn't take much, and the 150 points needed to grow into a Stalk will have been earned.


Required Points: 500

Stalks are those who have begun to develop some strong roots in Gardenality. They've earned a total of 500 points by spending a little more time tending to their Gardener Profile to help expand Gardenality. Perhaps they took the time to Create a Virtual Garden
or two to score the points necessary to become a Bloom?


Required Points: 1,000

Blooms are those who have begun to blossom in Gardenality. Others are starting to notice their contributions. Blooms have earned a total of 1,00 points by spending even more time tending to their Gardener Profile and doing other activities that help to expand Gardenality. Perhaps they took the time to ask or answer a question or two in Ask an Expert
or took or Created a Quiz


Required Points: 2,500

Gardeners are those who have planted a good deal of accurate information in Gardenality. Others members are now starting to see them as a possible "got to" person for ideas, visiting their Gardener Profile to check out all their Virtual Gardens. Many Gardeners have begun Planting New Plant Files
in Gardenality. You might see their name as a "Planter" or Tender" on a Plant File.


Required Points: 5,000

Elite Gardeners have demonstrated themselves to be highly-skilled and reliable sources for gardening information within Gardenality. Elite Gardeners have created many Virtual Gardens, and/or accurately answered many questions from other members, and/or created many Gardenality Quizzes. The Elite Gardener is just one step away from achieving the coveted Rank of Expert Gardener.

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