Selecting Plants For Your Shady Water Garden

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This article will tell you about shade-loving plants for your garden pond.
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Not everyone has a sunny site in their yard for a garden pond. Sometimes, the shady area of your yard might provide the best location for the viewing of the pond by you and your guests. If your pond is located in the shade, or you plan to build one in the shade, this doesn't at all mean that you can't have a garden pond full of fish and plants. There are many types of aquatic pond plants that thrive in the shade.

Below is a listing of pond plants that thrive in the shade:

List provided by: The Water Garden

Hardy Water Lilies

Comanche - This free flowering lily has a long blooming season, it's flowers open yellow and turn to a coppery bronze.

Indiana - The flowers of this small lily open apricot colored then change to an orange-red.

Attraction - This red lily is a very good bloomer. It is one of the larger hardy red water lilies.

James Brydon - The flowers of this medium sized lily are a deep red. Its pads are bronze-like in color.

Texas Dawn - This yellow lily has leaves that are speckled with a reddish-brown color.

Virginia - This medium-large lily contains star-shaped white flowers.

Charlene Strawn - This yellow lily is a good choice for medium to large ponds.

Tropical Water Lilies

Panama Pacific- This viviparous lily has violet-purple flowers.

Tina - The purple flowers of this lily have a sweet fragrance. It is a very free bloomer.

August Koch - The blue flowers of this lily are cuplike with a nice fragrance.

Director Moore - The star-shaped flowers of this variety are a deep purple. The pads are speckled with purple.

Shirley Bryne - The flowers of this viviparous lily are a deep pink color.

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