Maintaining Your Perennial Garden

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This article will get you started in planning and planting perennial plants in the landscape and the garden.
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Maintaining Your Perennial Garden

Summer Care of the Perennial Garden - Your garden will need attention throughout the growing season. Weed control and provision for adequate moisture are two important cultural necessities. When rainfall is less than 1 inch per week, you'll most likely need to provide additional moisture, at least for some of the plants. The use of a mulch is an attractive and effective means of controlling weeds and maintaining constant soil moisture and temperature for the root systems of your plants. Mulches that you might consider include bark chips or shredded wood mulch. To be effective, the mulch should be applied at least 1-1/2 inches deep around the plants.

NOTE: Perennial rock gardens, filled with drought tolerant plants, will require much less supplemental watering, provided there is average rainfall.

Pruning and Deadheading - You may deadhead (remove spent or faded flowers) flowering perennials all season long. Deadheading encourages the development of new flowers. In late fall or early winter, when your perennials have died back, you may remove dead foliage.

WARNING: Do not prune back Hardy Lantana in the fall, doing so almost ensures death of the plant. Wait until spring to prune back Lantana, when new growth begins to emerge. At this time prune remove any dead plant parts.

After cutting back dead foliage in late fall or early winter, you may want to winterize your perennial garden by applying an inch or two of loose mulch over the perennials. Leaves work great if you have them.

Happy perennial gardening!

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