List of Tender Tropical Plants

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This article will show you a list of cold hardy and tender tropical plants that can be grow outdoors in Georgia
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Tender Tropical Plants

Below is a listing of popular tropicals that can be grown outdoors during the warm season, but will not survive the winters in USDA Zones north of 9 or 10. When planted in containers, these tender tropicals can be overwintered indoors and set back out when warm weather returns in spring.

Caladiums - Caladiums are tropicals that perform well in the shade, though recently new cultivars have been developed that will tolerate sun. The large, colorful, heart-shape leaves bring the tropics right to your garden.

Ferns- Ferns are great for adding a tropical element to outdoor living areas. Kimberly Queen, Macho and Australian Tree ferns are three of many popular selections of tropical ferns. Ferns are excellent for pots or hanging baskets and can also be grown in the ground.

Tropical Hibiscus - Tropical hibsicus is probably the most widely used of all tropical plants. They produce large, colorful trumpet-shape flowers all season long.

Mandevilla - A fast-growing, flowering tropical vine which is perfect for growing near outdoor living areas on trellises, posts, fences, arbors or the mailbox. In south Georgia, many gardeners call Mandevilla "The Mailbox Plant." The large red, pink or white trumpet-shape flowers are produced in abundance throughout the warm season. Mandevillas prefer growing in full sun.

Allamanda - A fast growing tropical plant that comes in two forms: bush or vine. Produces an abundance of canary-yellow trumpet-shape flowers throughout the warm season. Perfect for growing against a fence or trellis.


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