Adding Color Attributes To A Plant File

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This article shows you how to add a new plant to Gardenality's plant database.
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Adding Color Attributes

Under the Colors tab, you will make selections pertaining to Flower Color, Foliage Color, and the Season(s) of Color.

To begin, click on the Colors tab in the Plant File Editor.

Then follow these instructions:

Flower Color - If the plant produces flowers, select all of the flower colors that apply. If a plant produces a multi-color flower, select all of the colors that apply. Try to be as specific as possible when choosing a color(s). For example, if a plant produces very pale or very light pink flowers, select Soft Pink rather than Pink.

Season of Color - In this field, select the seasons in which the plant produces flower and/or foliage color. For example, if a plant blooms in both spring and fall, select both "Spring Blooms" and "Fall Blooms." If the foliage of a plant changes color in one of the seasons, such as the foliage of a maple tree changes color in fall, select the seasons in which the foliage color changes occur. If the foliage of a plant is bright in color year around select all of the seasons for foliage color: Spring Foliage, Summer Foliage, Fall Foliage, and Winter Foliage.

Foliage Color - In this field, select the foliage color that best matches the color of foliage of the plant.

NOTE: During the process of making selections, you can "Undo" any selection you've made by clicking on the "Undo" link next to any particular selection in the Your Changes section just below the fields.

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