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This article shows you how to create a Virtual Garden from your Gardener Profile in Gardenality
by Chason Arthur · All Zones · Gardenality Gardens · 6 Comments · December 17, 2010 · 49,137 views

Getting The Most Out Of The Create A Garden System

After you have added plants to a Garden or your Wheelbarrow, and you want to see these gardens and the plants you have added to them, go to your My Garden Homepage and press on the My Gardens & Gardening tab. Then select the View My Gardens link as shown below.

My Gardens - View My Garden

After clicking on the View My Gardens link as instructed above, you will see icons of all your gardens on the page, including your Wheelbarrow, where you can store plants you're undecided about. You can then click on a garden icon to open up that garden.

My Gardens Homepage - Icons of Gardens

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Nancy Rentschler

Nancy Rentschler · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
I am having trouble finding where I can download my own picture files

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Marty Hayes

Marty Hayes · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
i put a ton of plants in my wheelbarrow and now I can't find my

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John Sparks

John Sparks · Gardenality Seed · Zone 8B · 15° to 20° F
I just joined and the first problem I'm having is navigation

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