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This article will show you how to ask and answer gardening questions.
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Do you see a question you know the answer to?

How to give a great answer!

Communication is key when providing an answer. Often times the person that asked the question may not be familiar with the same terms as you or another professional gardener. Be sure to explain things thoroughly...without writing a novel:-). Include pictures and links to resources if they help define or establish a baseline for your answer. Your answer will be rated so be sure to read your answer for any typos and to ensure it is complete and thorough.

Answer, Don't Insult

You've probably heard there are no stupid questions. While that isn't always true, Gardenality wants to provide an environment that is friendly to all gardeners. That means if a novice gardener has a novice question that may seem stupid or dump or even unneeded, don't insult said novice, simply instruct so his or her first experience with gardening is a positive one.

Reference Existing Answers

If you find a question is being asked that has already been answered on another page, simply provide a link to that answer rather than typing the entire answer or, even worse, copying and pasting the answer to the question. This keeps information centralized and avoids redundant information. Gardenality Admins will be on the look out for things such as this and will try to merge multiple questions asking the same thing into a single question.

Get all the info you need before answering

Gardenality lets you comment on any question before answering. So, if you need more information before you can provide a more detailed and accurate answer, don't hesitate to ask for more information if you need more information before you can provide a detailed and accurate answer. It is better to get the full picture than post an answer that misses the mark.

Strive for the best but be original

Each answer is rated by everyone yet only the member asking the question gets to accept one or more answers as what worked for his or her specific need. Be original in your answers. If you see someone has already answered the question and would like to expound upon their answer, feel free to post your answer as well but be sure to encourage the member asking the question to award both you and the member who posted the answer you expounded.

One answer isn't always the best answer

Just because a question has one or two answers doesn't mean that the question is answered. Be sure to look through all questions so that you can thumbs up good answers and provide additional answers to questions that already have one or two answers. Chances you might find a question with answers that doesn't have the right answer or the answer that the member asking the question is after.

Be Diligent

After answering a question you will be notified when additional answers or comments are posted to the question. Often times members will have one or two additional questions about your answer. Don't simply answer and then abandon the question! Be sure to keep an eye on the question and be willing to help the member have an enjoyable and successful gardening experience!

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Ihad posted about my BarHarbor shrubs over a month ago and was just checking back to show what I ended up doing. Anyway, I can't find anything I did??? Do things Q and A get deleted often??? HELP

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