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Learn about Gardenality's member and business profiles and how they work together to enhance your gardening experience.
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Two Ways To Benefit From Gardenality

Here's how...

1 - Member Profile

Becoming a member of Gardenality is free! When you join, you get your very own My Garden Homepage on Gardenality. There are many exciting and fun things you can do from your My Garden Homepage:

  • Create Virtual Gardens - Use this amazing tool create Future Virtual Gardens and show off your Real Life Gardens.
  • Upload Images - You can upload pictures to your virtual gardens or to the Gardenality Plant Files.
  • Favorite Pics & Articles - When you find others pictures and articles you really like, you can save them to your own profile for future reference.
  • Write & Publish Articles - Share your knowledge of gardening with others by publishing articles in the Gardenality Article Database.
  • Create Business or Organization Profiles - If you own or manage a green business(es) or organization, you can create a Gardenality Business Profile(s) to introduce your products and services to others - It's Free!

...and much, much more! Click here to get started

2 - Business or Organization Profile

If you own or manage a green industry related business or organization, you can create a Gardenality Profile for it as well. We call these Gardenality Business Profiles. A Gardenality Business Profile is actually more a website than it is a profile.

In a Gardenality Business Profile, you can create:

  • Pages - You can create as many pages as you like in your Business Profile: About Us, Contact Us, Our Services, Our Products, Sales & Specials...whatever you want or need.
  • Forms - You can build Forms that visitors to your Business Profile can use to contact you, sign up for your e-newsletter, enter contests, take a survey, and whatever else you can think of.
  • Coupons - You can use the coupon generator to build coupons that visitors to your profile can print and use.

...and much, much more. Click here to learn more about getting started creating your Gardenality Business Profile.

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