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Need to talk to a Gardenality Admin? Well, we want to talk to you too! So we already have something in common, let's chat!
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So you have something to tell us? Great! We love hearing from people other than ourselves...we have been known to talk to can be scary.

If you need help throughout the site, if you find something that breaks, or if you just have a question about Gardenality and would like to talk to one of the guys responsible, well, you can!

How to contact a Gardenality Administrator:

Each of us carries out different roles throughout Gardenality. The Gardenality Admins are the founders or owners of Gardenality. Nevertheless, you can click here to meet them.

Yeh great, but how do I CONTACT you?

Well, we've added a private messaging system in Gardenality. Not only can you use the messaging system to contact the Admins, you can use it to send and receive messages from all your friends who are members of Gardenality.

If you're not a member of Gardenality, and you want to contact us directly, or me at least, you can e-mail me, Chason Wetter.

My e-mail address is
(it is short because I don't like having to type my full name every time I enter my e-mail address some place so I figured just: c
I'm the only c here anyway :-)

Chason Arthur

Meet The Author

Chason Arthur - Chason is the lead creator, designer, and developer of Gardenality.

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