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This article shows you how to create a Virtual Garden from your Gardener Profile in Gardenality
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Cooperability - What is that?

Ever worried about whether or not a specific plant will grow good in the place you want to plant it in your yard or garden? Never fear, Gardenality Cooperability is here!

Basically explained...

Gardenality Cooperability is a unique and powerful system that works behind the scenes to inform you about plants that might not "cooperate" (grow well) in one of your Virtual Gardens.

How does the Cooperability system KNOW if a plant will grow well in your garden?

It's psychic! No, it knows based on specific selections you make when creating your garden. You tell the system about the amount of sun your garden receives, the hardiness zone you are gardening in, and specifics about the soil in your garden. Then the Cooperability system kicks into action and sends up a yellow flag to tell you if a plant you have added to a specific garden might be harmed by the conditions in that garden.

Coopperability flags

How to Activate Cooperability

When in one of your Virtual Gardens, near the top of the page you will see the section below. Use the drop down menu under each requirement to choose the specific Temperature Zone, Sun Exposure, Soil Type, Soil Drainage, and Water Needs for your garden.

NOTE: To ignore cooperability settings in a requirement, select "Ignore Warnings" from the drop down menu.

Cooperability settings

What is Auto Calculate?
If you do not select any requirements for your garden, Auto Calculate will try to offer the best attributes that are neutral or ideal for all of the plants in your garden at any given time.

What this means is that you can add any number of plants to a garden and the Auto Calculate System will go to work to try to tell you what the best Sun Exposure and Soil Types would be for all of the various types of plants you've added to your garden. The system works fairly well to give you an estimation in all but the Temperature Zone requirement, though it will offer an average zone that all of the plants might survive in.

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