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This is an index of various tutorials and instructions for how to use features and tools on Gardenality.
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Index of Instructions & Tutorials

Nothing is as difficult if you have some good instructions. So let one of the Gardenality Guys know how to improve the content in any of these instructions articles. Thanks a million!

Below is an index of the instructions and tutorials for how to use various features and tools you'll find in Gardenality.

Profiles on Gardenality

Getting Started - An introduction for newbies to Gardenality

Member Profile / My Garden Homepage - This article will show you how to fill out your Gardener Profile Account information on Gardenality

Business Profiles - This article will show you how to create and build a Gardenality Business Profile

Virtual Gardens

My Gardens - This article shows you how to create a Virtual Garden from your Gardener Profile in Gardenality


Authoring Articles - This article will show you how to use the Article Editor to write and publish an article in Gardenality

Plant Files

Plant Database - This article shows you how to add a new plant to Gardenality's plant database.


Creating A Quiz - This article will show you how to use your Quiz Manager to create a quiz in Gardenality

Uploading Pictures

Uploading A Picture - This article will help you upload a picture to Gardenality, well it will try to help you anyway!
Picture Management - This article will review Gardenality's pictures and how to manage the pictures you share.

Other Instructions

Bug Reports - This article will show you how to make a bug report - tell the Gardenality Guys about an error in the site.
Save Pages - This article will show you how to save pages you like on Gardenality.

Explanations & Descriptions

Member Rankings - This article explains the Gardenality Member Ranking System
Tags? - Learn how Gardenality uses tags to link articles, questions, plants, and other info around the site.
Achievments - Learn how you earn achievements and get special rewards and badges.
Member and Business Profiles - Learn about Gardenality's member and business profiles and how they work together to enhance your gardening experience.
Notifications - Gardenality sends notifications to keep you updated on what is going on throughout the site.

Gardenality Related Articles

About Gardenality - What exactly is Gardenality? Read this article to find out!
Gardenality BETA - Gardenality is now in BETA. Find out what that means and how you can help.
Member Driven - Gardenality is member driven! What's this mean?
Gardenality's Future - Find out where Gardenality is headed!

If All Else Fails

Contacting A Gardenality Administrator - Need to talk to a Gardenality Admin? Well, we want to talk to you too! So we already have something in common, let's chat!

Contact The Gardenality Guys - So who's fault is all this Gardenaltity nonsense? Well, it's us, the Gardenality guys...we are to blame!

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