Farmer's Organic Chicken Manure Compost

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This article is a review of Farmer's Organic Chicken Manure Compost
by Brett · All Zones · Product Reviews · 0 Comments · April 04, 2011 · 3,773 views

For years, we at Wilson Bros. Nursery have been looking for a great organic soil amendment for use in the garden, particularly the vegetable garden. Finally, along came Farmers Organic, a soil conditioner that is a blend of composted manure from Georgia raised chickens and cotton plant residuals. I personally know Greg Parrish, owner and operator of Farmers Organic. Greg and company have put together the perfect blends of nitrogen and carbon that are composted for months to ensure their product is both stable and mature.

Note: This is not a paid for ad! This is a review based on my personal experience with this product.

As of Spring 2010, I've been using Farmers Organic in my own home garden with amazing results. I'm now growing some of the healthiest plants ever; nice dark green foliage, accelerated growth rate and outstanding fruit and flower production and size. I can't prove it, but I would swear that veggies from the garden taste better this year than they did last. Farmers Organic is not only a soil conditioner that will effectively and permanently break down and loosen clay soil, but it is also an organic fertilizer in which all of the natural elements are readily available for uptake by roots of plants.

When we were planting the veggie garden this year, all we did was spread about a half-inch layer of Farmers Organic over the top of the garden bed and then tilled it in to a depth of a few inches. Then, when planting each individual plant, we incorporated a good double handful of Farmers Organic in the backfill mixture. As usual at planting time, we also put a tablespoon of a slow-release organic fertilizer around each plant. Within a few weeks we had tomato plants over five feet tall, blooming and beginning to produce fruit. Fruit production has been spectacular and disease resistance definitely boosted. Farmers Organic is simply a wonderful product that when used will provide amazing results. It has worked so well in the veggie garden that, in the future, we plan to use this great product as a soil amendment in our seasonal annual flowerbeds and add a hand or shovel full into all of our container gardens. See application rates below.

All in all, I'll be using Farmers Organic in my veggie garden and flowerbeds until somebody else comes along with a better product...and Farmers Organic is gonna be a hard one to beat!

If you were to visit the Farmers Organic facility in Newton Georgia, you would see the precise and detailed process Farmers Organic has developed to make what I think is the best organic soil conditioner on the market today.

The Farmers Organic Process

In the manufacture orf Farmers Organic Soil Amendment, to start, the blend is mixed and allowed to cure for several months. At this time the mixture is arranged into windrows and the composting process begins. Temperatures are monitored in all phases on a daily basis. By maintaining temperatures in excess of 145 degrees F for periods of at least six weeks, Farmers Organic soil conditioner is free of weed seed and harmful pathogens. During the composting process the mixture is systematically turned and irrigated to guarantee that these ideal composting conditions are met. Once the composting phase is complete the mixture enters another curing phase. Once the final curing phase is complete, the mixture is screened and is ready to be bagged. Farmers Organic is routinely tested and analyzed to ensure that it has ideal nutrient levels for any crop production. Farmers Organic is excellent for any farming application and it is an environmentally safe product.

Farmers Organic is:

• Great for top dressing or incorporation in the garden and flowerbeds
• Great as an amendment and natural source of fertilizer and elements in container plantings (1 part FO to 9 parts potting soil or mix)
• Composted under strict organic conditions at the Farmers Organic facility in Baker County, Georgia
• Routinely tested to ensure consistent nutrient quality and have a typical N-P-K nutrient analysis of 1.9 - 2.5 - 2.3
• Environmentally friendly and safe with a rich earthly smell
• Perfect for use in home gardens and commercial farms

Product Benefits

• Improves soil, water and nutrient retention in garden soil
• Improves the porosity, soil structure, and bulk density to create a better root environment
• Free of weeds and harmful pathogens
• Promotes improved drainage and suppresses disease and root rot
• Improves and stabilizes soil pH
• Supplies a variety of macro and micro nutrients
• Provides significant quantities or organic matter
• Supplies beneficial micro-organisms to the soil that assist in nutrient uptake by plants
• Improves the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil

Application Rates

A typical rate for vegetables production in new gardens is 20% (by volume) of Farmers Organic amendment incorporated into the existing soil.

A 20 lb bag of Farmers Organic Soil Conditioner typically covers:

• 45 sq ft tilled into the soil
• 90 sq ft when broadcast

Farmers Organic Soil Conditioner is also excellent for side dressing. However it is necessary to understand the nutritional requirements of the plant in question.


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