How To Use The Business Profile Page Editor

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This article will show you how to use the business profile page editor
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Tips for Using The Page Editor

The Page Editor is easy to use once you know how to use the tools in the editors tool bar (pictured to right).

You can write content and upload pictures to your new page.

To begin writing content in your page simply start typing words in the content area as you would in an email. Then you can use the tools in the tool bar to do the following:

  • Bold Tool - Use the bold tool to turn any word or phrase in your content to bold. Example: Bold to Bold
  • Italics Tool - Use the italics tool to slant any word or phrase in your content. Example: Italics to Italics
  • Link Tool - Use the hyperlink tool to link any word or phrase in your content to another web page on the Internet. Simply hold down the left click on your mouse and slide over to highlight the word or phrase you want to link. Then, with the word or phrase highlighted, click on the link tool. Then, insert the url (webpage address) you want to link to in the box provided and click "OK".
  • Image Tool - Use the image tool to upload an image to your page. If you're not sure how to take, prepare, store, and then upload a picture, seek consultation from a friend, co-worker, Facebook user, or your kids!
  • Numbered List - Use this tool to make a numbered list. This tool is good for making step-by-step instructions, etc..
  • Bullet List - Use this tool to make a bullet list. This tool is good for pointing out features, etc..
  • Header Tool - Use the header tool to increase the size of text that will be used for a header. To use, click on the header tool and then type in the word or phrase.
  • Line Tool - Use this tool to separate paragraphs or sections of your content with a grey line that goes across the page.
  • Back Tool - Use this tool to go back to your last edit.

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