Additional Tips for Disease Control on Fruit Trees

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This article will instruct you how to prevent and treat disease and fungus on fruit trees.
by Brooks Wilson · All Zones · Diseases and Fungus · 0 Comments · June 14, 2010 · 22,567 views

Additional Tips:

  • When spraying any chemical, use personal protective equipment such as clothing, gloves, and a respirator as recommended on the product label.
  • Mix fresh spray for each application.
  • Do not spray an INSECTICIDE during bloom because it is likely to kill pollinating insects such as honeybees.
  • Spray carefully and thoroughly to cover all parts of flowers, leaves, and fruit until a noticeable amount of water begins to drip from the foliage. Shake the sprayer often while spraying so that the chemicals do not settle out.
  • In most cases for disease control, apply prior to rainfall; however, sprays should not be applied closer than 2-3 hours before rainfall to allow for sufficient drying.
  • Any chemicals should be stored in a safe location that is cool and dry. Liquids should not be stored where the temperature will drop below 32 degrees F.
  • Read and observe the instructions on the container label for the time interval between the last application and reentry into orchard or harvest. This interval may vary depending on the chemical.


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