How To Care For A Japanese Maple

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This article provides information about and tips for growing Japanese Maple trees
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Caring for a Japanese Maple

Japanese maples are very hardy and long-lived trees that require little if any maintenance or care.

Insect Problems - With the exception of the Japanese beetle, that causes very little if any damage, they are not prone to insect problems. If you feel that you must spray for Japanese beetles do so using a light mix of Liquid Sevin spray. Spray early in the morning to allow solution to dry on leaves before the sun is too high.

Disease Problems - Provided soil is well-drained, and the plant is properly irrigated, Japanese maples are not prone to disease problems.

Watering - When watering your new tree make sure not to splash water on the leaves during the heat of the day as this could cause unsightly scalding and force the tree to use more energy to replace damaged leaves. Be careful not to over-water a Japanese maple. During the first 2 to 3 years keep an eye on your tree during periods of drought. Provide water when needed. Mulch can help to retain moisture during the summer months. Shredded wood mulches are best and should be applied at no more than a 2" depth.

Fertilization - Japanese maples are not heavy feeders however will benefit from fertilization. I fertilize my Japanese maples after new growth has emerged in spring with a slow-release, well-balanced shrub and tree food. Alternatively, you can use a mild organic fertilizer.

Pruning - Japanese maples may be pruned during the winter months. We don't like to do any major cutting on mature trees, just a stray, unsightly branch here or there. Remember, Japanese maples are meant to look natural - avoid pruning them into a formal shape. Consult with, or hire an arborist if you have any reservations about pruning your tree. Major pruning is best accomplished when the tree is young. I often limb up lace-leaf and palmate varities so that some trunk will show. Any suckers that grow up from the base or below the graft can and should also be removed.

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