How To Safely Use A Wood Chipper Shredder

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This article provides tips and suggestions for how to make your own landscape or garden mulch
by Wanda Haby · All Zones · Tools and Equipment · 1 Comments · March 30, 2012 · 6,941 views

A wood chipper is a useful piece of machinery that anyone can buy to do many types of jobs around the yard. They are great for use to create your own landscape or garden mulch however you'll want to exercise caution when using one.

Here are some tips for safely using a wood chipper:

1 - Make sure to use the chipper machine on a flat, level area that is totally free of debris you might accidentally trip over.

2 - Always wear snug fitting clothing. Baggy clothes or loose straps can get caught in the blades and pull you in!

3 - Chips and shreds of wood material have a tendency to fly from the chipper so make sure to wear safety glasses/goggles that fit snugly to your face...not open-sided sunglasses!

4 - Chippers are loud so make sure to use ear plugs to protect your hearing against the noise when you use a wood chipper.

5 - I also recommend wearing a safety hat and a pair of good gloves and work boots while using a chipper machine. You never know what type of materials will fly out from a chipper.

6 - Make sure to keep focused on the task at hand by keeping your hands and feet away from the open chute on a wood chipper at all times.

7 - DO NOT use your hands to push wood material into the chute on the chipper! Use a long piece of wood or a long branch to push the materials in. Small stems, leaves and such can be thrown into the chute.

8 - After turning the chipper off listen to make sure that the blades have come to a complete stop before opening the hood.

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I started doing this with my pot plants, instead of throwing away the 'dead' leaves/stems I just throw them in the pot plant. Didn't know you could do that with your entire garden. Nice!

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