Medieval and Renaissance Garden Terminology

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Technical Terms dealing with Medieval period gardens
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I thought including information here of what a Medieval and Renaissance garden terms are. I will be adding them as I go along here. This is by no way everything there is about the information out there on medieval era gardens but will do my best. If anyone wants to contact me about medieval gardening are welcome to.
My resources written in here are listed below:

  • Notes from SCA class by Judwiga Zajaczkowa (Jennifer Heise)

Her paper on a medieval garden is well put together but not the only source, Myself I find that the only difference between gardening during the Medieval Era and today is the technology we have today. If you notice that when they talk about dung it was mainly horse dung that was used, I use horse dung in my gardens alot instead of todays chemicals and fertilizers only to find that it really helps the roots of the plants to grow better. I took a tempature reading only to find that the tempature in horse dung runs anywhere from 20-40 degrees higher than plain soil. When using 50/50 mixture in seed starting it gives a hot bed effect for the seedings and helps the roots grow stronger. The following pages are a view into the world of medieval gardening and how it was done. This is not the normal terminology where it only breaks down words but gives a way of how things were done.

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