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by Brett · All Zones · Gardenality Articles · 0 Comments · September 14, 2012 · 2,303 views

Welcome to the UnScramble It Contest!

Contest Status: NOT ACTIVE

Last Updated: October 26, 2012

How does this contest work?

UnScramble It! is a very simple and straightforward contest. Well, not exactly straightforward. Everything is all scrambled up! Your job is to unscramble the word phrases. Be the first to do so and win a prize!


Congratulations to Lamar Kimball of McDonough, Georgia was the first to correctly unscramble the three word phrases below. For doing so, Lamar won his choice of one of the three plants below!

1) lemlaica nuaasqas yeidtleu

camellia sasanqua yuletide

2) ydaehagnr rcalylphamo nelsdes urmesm

hydrangea macrophylla endless summer

3) rododorhnrdne umtnau nlaeg

rhododendron autumn angel

Enter to win!

When this contest is active, use the entry form found here to enter to win!

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