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Mulch can make the difference between a live garden and a dead one when drought sets in. Mulch slows evaporation from the soil, prevents weeds from growing and provides insulation against extreme heat or cold. Unfortunately, wood mulch does have some drawbacks. These include:

Graying or dull coloring from bleaching in the sunlight.

It must be renewed every year due to decomposing.

The mulch can contain an insect infestation that could kill your plants.

If the mulch was made from painted or treated wood, the chemicals could leach out into the soil and create a hazard for you, your pets and family.

Wood mulch could contain bits of glass, nails or other hazardous substances.

An alternative to wood mulch is to use rubber mulch in its place. Rubber mulch will not attract insects, break down in the environment or be affected by the sun’s UV rays. It provides the same insulating and anti-drying action as wood and will last for decades. This is money and labor saving in areas such as schools, libraries, commercial and residential applications. Apartment owners, landlords and homeowners only need to apply a two-inch deep layer near shrubs and trees; it will not migrate when the wind blows or float away with the rain.

It can be used as playground coverings, to provide a comfortable surface for jogging tracks, walkways and fall zones or safety areas. Rubber chips or pieces can be ordered in 2,000 lb sacks as bulk orders for large area coverings.

The best rubber mulch has been carefully inspected to ensure no contaminants are present such as steel or toxic chemicals. It is available in different colors such as blue, redwood, green, brown and of course, black. This allows you to customize your garden, walkway or play area to complement your style and décor.

To customize a landscape, provide a safety zone, create a comfortable walkway or arena, choose the best rubber mulch on the market today.

Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
I can find many articles on problems with using shredded rubber mulches in the garden that are documented, but no documented research regarding its benefits of enriching the soil adding nutrients for plant life. Like I have been told most of the studies or research on the harmfulness of rubber mulch in the garden were done several years ago. Possibly not much research is recent as the tires compositions hasn't changed much. As an avid gardener I am more concerned about my garden's health than the colorful bark around the library or under the swings at the park. Can you tell me where to find documented research on the rubber mulches benefits and possibly a gardening, landscape expert, or horticulturalist that endorses the rubber mulch products?

6 years ago ·
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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
Unfortunately there still has been very little research regarding the effects of rubberized mulch on plant life. Most research has been done on rubberized mulch used in athletic and recreational applications, including ground cover under playground equipment, running track material and as a soil additive on sports and playing fields. Besides the rubberized mulch used in our gardening and its effect on our plantlife its useage in the human invironment is also very important. Below are a few other resources found that some may be interested in reading.

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