Using Mesh Tarps for your Garden

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Blog is about protection for garden plants from uv and storms.
by Jason Sanders · All Zones · Gardenality Articles · 0 Comments · April 30, 2013 · 1,967 views

Many of us love gardening and as a hobby, it is quite relaxing and refreshing. However, one would be simply thrilled at having a look at a flowering garden and this speaks about the success of the gardener in general. But, when the weather plays pranks or when the dust and air pollution spoils the produce in a major way. Insects may also get accumulated and thereby damage the crops in a major way. Some of us may have prized crops and flowering plants. Therefore, it requires some serious and immediate measures to protect the prized garden from getting polluted or damaged. Let us now enumerate on the measures we can take.

Top measures to keep the garden protected:

Sudden changes in the weather and with global warming at our doorsteps and bringing in hot winds and sandy gusts, we would need 100% fool proof protection. The most logical way would be to cover up the garden in case of an impending rain or thunderstorm. This would keep the garden pretty safe.

Mesh tarps are the best solution in hand currently, bringing in relief to the gardeners worldwide. These tarps are engineered to ensure only the cool and wanted sunlight enters to protect the plants and leave it nourished not damaged by the storm whatsoever.

The mesh tarp can be stretched across the garden and fastened securely as the tarps are properly hemmed and within every 2”, there are brass grommets to help you fasten. These tarps can also be used to cover the truckloads when you wish to carry your garden produce to the market. In that case even, all you would need to do is fasten the tarp from point to point and ensure that the actual number or quantity reaches the market and fetches you profit.

Many of us may be doing gardening with the intention of selling the produce in the market. In that case, the buyers would definitely look for the freshness of the produce. Whether your garden produces tomatoes or chillies, or even exotic pears, fetching the price would solely be based on the freshness that they ooze. If they were covered in the sand, which blew the day before, it would firstly not look very clean and secondly would only be unattractive.

These reasons are huge detractors in the psyche of the buyers and they would move on. To keep the customers to your prized garden crops, to ensure that the garden is well protected at all times.

How can mesh tarps help you?

Made with tested 6oz Polyethylene mesh, these tarps are flexible, durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. It will only allow heat in the form of shade and allow cool breeze inside it. The hems of the tarp are double stitched just to ensure more strength and are re-enforced by using the technique of polyester webbing so that your garden remains safe at all times. These mesh tarps have been proved to be of the finest assistance to the gardeners for protection against the storms and UV rays.


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