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Welcome one and all to Gardenality! If you are reading this, we guess you found the web site and are, in some way, already using it! Hopefully this is just the start of all the great things Gardenality can do to make your gardening experience on- and off-line more enjoyable and beneficial.

Gardenality is giving gardener's unique ways and the power to find and share information and ideas pertaining to anything and everything gardening

More and more gardeners and gardening related businesses are using Gardenality every day to find and share the most accurate gardening and landscaping information found on the Internet - made possible by Gardenality's unique and powerful Member Ranking, Rating, and Voting systems.

Aside from finding and sharing information, there's also a ton of other fun and exciting things Gardenality members can do to share or gain knowledge. One of the most recent fun things to do in Gardenality are the contests in which you can win some real cool stuff.

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Where did Gardenality come from?

You might be wondering, where the heck did this site come from? Little flowers growing on your computer screen? Nifty gardening tools and an amazing community for the exchange of gardening knowledge...hmm, OK who's to blame for all this?

Well it's us! The Gardenality Guys!

We aren't all that much to look at, just a ragtag group of nobodies from a little town called McDonough, Georgia...but we love gardening, and computers. Our claim to fame is being only 15 minutes from Atlanta and I think some movie about a raccoon was filmed here before we were born?.

But, luckily enough, the internet has enabled little guys like us to do big stuff, and our big stuff is a simple to use, yet potentially a powerful gardening web site.

Who are you guys?

The "Gardenality Guys" include lots of people, but the main guys, the "founders" if you will, consist of gardeners and geeks, two of each. Brent Wilson and Brooks Wilson are the gardeners and Brian Young and Chason Arthur are the geeks.

Where is Gardenality going?

In April 2011 Gardenality BETA was launched. What does BETA mean? In this case, it means that the Gardenality we've all been using over the past year or so is a "test drive" website. Initially, because there were a lot more features and tools we wanted to add to Gardenality, we allowed just a few hundred folks to sign up and test drive the site for us....all to get feedback on what worked and what didn't work, and to get suggestions and ideas on any other features or tools we could add to make Gardenality more useful for its members.

Well, it's a little over a year later and there are over 5,000 Gardenality members, over 8,000 Twitter Followers, and over 7,000 Likes on Facebook!

Also, since launching Gardenality BETA, we've received TONS of feedback about what was and wasn't working on the site, and a TON of suggestions and great ideas as to features we could add to make Gardenality even more useful to its members. Most of the "bugs" have been taken care of and during 2012 we've been steadily working on some major enhancements we know you're gonna love. Stay tuned to the newsletter for updates.

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