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Taylor Mock

Atlantis Aquarium LLC

Serving the entire metro Atlanta area, Atlantis Aquarium is the best choice for all your aquarium needs. Providing both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Professional Services

Custom-made acrylic tanks are our specialty. If your desire is a new saltwater 1,000 gallon tank or a simple store-bought 55 gallon freshwater tank or a replica of a tank you've seen, we can make your dream aquarium a reality.

We provide everything from filters to fish. Fresh or saltwater environments.

Maintenance after installation is what sets us above the rest. Atlantis Aquarium takes care of all your needs. Service provided weekly or monthly, with 24-hour emergency service available to all our customers.


Customer satisfaction is paramount.
A combined experience of nearly 20 years has grown our businesses into metro Atlanta's best. Our installation and maintenance services set the standard in metro Atlanta.

Our fish guarantee and crystal clear water guarantee are above industry standards.

Simply put, we are the leader in the city of Atlanta...

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