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Local Friends

Hey Folks!

Here's a list of local, Henry County businesses we regularly support and feel comfortable recommending. Some publish coupons for us, others take care of our stuff, others feed us, and so on...:-)

Gerhardt Chiropractic - When we're having aches and pains after working in the landscape and garden we go see Dr. Dan, who has been practicing in Henry County since 1992. Gerhardt Chiropractic provides affordable, top-quality healthcare, friendly service, and useful health information to people of all walks of life. Gerhardt Chiropractic is located inside of a unique, elegant, and roomy office space, offering several large, yet private, chiropractic treatment rooms, massage therapy suites, and therapeutic nooks that are all designed for optimum comfort and relaxation.

Gezzo's Surf & Grille - When we're hungry for some delcious, healthy food Gezzos is where we go for lunch. Gezzo's is where your taste buds take a vacation! That's what brother and sister co-founders Anita Hsu and Howard Hsu aimed at creating when they started Henry County's first west-coast burrito shop. Taking inspiration from their roots in California and Hawaii, they wanted to create a place where beach culture, art, healthy eating and a concern for the environment was a part of everyday life. The menu is focused on fresh ingredients and daily prepared meats and vegetables, so that you feel good after you eat!

Lube Express - When our trucks and cars need an oil change, lube and filter service and minor repairs, we take them to Billy and Duane Amerson at Castrol Premium Lube Express is where we go. Along with an experienced team of technicians and mechanics, Billy and Duane Amerson provide honest and faith based service to serve all your automotive needs.

CLN Automotive - When our trucks or cars have a problem CLN is where we go to get them fixed.

The Shopper - The Shopper is a Henry County coupon clipper magazine that goes out to 40,000 homes in Henry County the first first week of every month. You'll find three Wilson Bros coupons in every issue...one on the back cover and two on the inside. If you're a Henry County resident make sure to check The Shopper out to get the money-saving coupons!

VirtualValues.org - Get our coupon here - Virtual Values provides email-based and land-based advertising services to businesses in Henry County and surrounding areas. Sign up for their mailing list and you'll find Wilson Bros and many other money-saving coupons in their newsletter.


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