Ixora -

(Ixora coccinea 'Maui Red')

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Other Common Names: Jungle Geranium, Jungle Jasmine, Jungle Flame, Maui Red Ixora
Family: Rubiaceae Genus: Ixora Species: coccinea Cultivar: 'Maui Red'
Larry Pierson Planted · 11 years ago
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Larry Pierson

Larry Pierson · Gardenality Sprout · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F
Plant Type: Shrub
Description: A large bush if allowed to grow with big, flat clusters of clear red flowers.
Origin: East Indies
Environment: Suitable only for a greenhouse
Foliage: No
Flowering: Yes
Season: GH
Fragrant: No
Growing Ease: Requires extra care
Temperature: 60-85°F, 16-29°C
Humidity: High humidity
Lighting Needs: Does best in bright indirect sunlight coming from the South/East/West
Soil Type: Use a GOOD rich potting soil (a soil that retains water yet drains well), such as an African violet mix. If you want to mix your own take: 1 part organic lime free soil, 1 part peat and 1 part coarse sand or perlite Always use a pot with a hole.
Watering: Keep the soil evenly moist and if you use rainwater, be careful as it could be acidic. Use warm water.
Fertilizer: Feed every two weeks during growth using a water soluble acidic fertilizer diluted by half.
Plant Pests: Prone to spider mites and mealy bugs. Always inspect any new plant for pests before introducing it to your home or greenhouse.
Propagation: Seeds and tip cuttings in the spring through summer. It is best to propagate any type of cuttings or seeds in a mixture of moist peat and perlite. Cover the pot and plant with a plastic bag secured by a rubber band to prevent the moisture from escaping. Place in indirect sunlight or under a fluorescent light. Repot in its regular mix after it has been growing for a while.
Gardening Tips & Care: Mist frequently with warm water (lime free to avoid leaf staining) and keep the plant warm. Try not to move this plant. Place pebbles or gravel in the drainage dish to hold water and increase the humidity, make sure the pot is sitting on the gravel and not in the water. Prune after flowering and repot in the winter or early spring.
Is Genus: No

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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
Ixora shrubs thrive in warm climates like that of Florida, but with good care they can flourish in colder climates as indoor or annual plants. These flowering bushes are dense evergreens which bloom in the summertime. The ixora shrub can grow to be as tall as six feet, though pruning is often recommended. If you are planting the shrub in a pot for your patio, porch, or home, use species like 'Nora Grant' and 'Super King.' For outdoor shrubs, use 'Coccinea.'

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