Carrotwood Tree -

(Cupaniopsis anacardioides)


Other Common Names: Cupania, Brush Deal, Tuckeroo, Carrot Weed, Cupania Anacardioides
Family: Sapindaceae Genus: Cupaniopsis Species: anacardioides
Carrotwood TreeCarrotwood Tree
John Heider Planted · 3 years ago
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John Heider

John Heider · Gardenality Genius · Zone 9B · 25° to 30° F · Comment About Pruning
Prune your carrotwood tree anytime during the year, as it is a tropical species and grows nearly year-round. Prune out any dead, weak, cracked or broken branches or limbs that you see. Prune branches as needed to thin out the interior canopy, allowing sunlight into the canopy. Choose branches that are growing in toward the trunk, those that are growing toward one another or any that may cross. Remove crowded branches that appear to create a congestion point and areas that are more densely branched than the rest of the canopy. The remaining limbs and major branches should splay out from the trunk in a pattern that is roughly evenly spaced. Trim back the terminal tips of the branches to the desired length. Work around the tree evenly, following the natural round form of the canopy to ensure a pleasing result. Remove up to, but no more than, one-third of the canopy volume each year, as needed. Use a fine-toothed pruning saw on any wood larger than 1/2 inch in diameter.

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