Wilson Ivy -

(Hedera helix 'Wilsonii')

Groundcover Plants

Other Common Names: Wilson's English Ivy
Family: Araliaceae Genus: Hedera Species: helix Cultivar: 'Wilsonii'
Wilson Ivy
Gardenality.com Planted · 15 years ago
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Gardenality.com · Gardenality Genius · Zone 8A · 10° to 15° F · Comment About Pruning
Unlike other ivy varieties, Wilson Ivy is not nearly as invasive. When given adequate room to grow, it may require little if any pruning. A perfect ivy for foundation plantings and smaller areas. My brother has Wilson Ivy growing on his mailbox for 10 or more years now. It has completely covered the mailbox and formed a patch on the ground below. He rarely if ever prunes it.

11 years ago ·
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