How Do I Control Or Repel Grasshoppers?

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Any ideas on controlling grasshoppers? I have been using diatomaceous earth to control squash bugs on my cucumbers, cantaloupe and yellow squash, but now the grasshoppers have struck. They are eating bell peppers, okra and hibiscus flowers. I do not believe the diatomaceous earth effect them because they are all around the squash and cucumbers even thought I see no damage from grasshoppers there. I have frogs and lizards and try to be careful with chemicals. I rather share than lose my frogs and lizards, but the grasshoppers seem to be everywhere in the oleanders, cleome, hardy hibiscus, and rose of Sharon, EATING>

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Answer #2 · Berma Martin's Answer · Thank you I have heard of and used Neems before just not for grasshoppers. I will try that. If I remember there is something about using it during a certain time of day because of the temperature. I will see what I can find out about that, now just to remember where the sprayer is.)

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Spray Neem Oil early in the morning or in the evening to avoid burning foliage. Just make sure the plants you spray are not getting direct hot sun at the time of spraying.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Berma,

Through research and trials Neem Oil has been found to repel and control grasshoppers. It is also listed as an IGR...insect growth regulator. Neem Oil is Organic and safe to use in gardens and around the landscape. Neem Oil is a triple action control. It controls insects, fungus/disease, and mites! It is also inexpensive. You should be able to get Neem Concentrate for less than $20.00 a pint. A pint will make 16 gallons.

Read the label well before applying Neem Oil. As with all other insecticides, and control products you want to make sure you use proper application. I'm sure the label will suggest that Neem Oil be applied more than just one time for sufficient control.

We've been selling Neem at our retail nursery for years. By far our best selling control product. And it's organic and safe.

Hope this helps you.

Brooks Wilson))

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