Pruning Overgrown Crape Myrtle Close To House

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We recently moved into a house that has 2 crepe myrtles planted close to the house. I know it is best to trim them in late winter / early spring, but they are very overgrown. Will it be okay to trim them now in the heat of the summer, away from our roof as well as thin out the offshoots from the base?

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Answer #1 · Stephen Whatley's Answer · Hi Mrs Baker. Heavy pruning on the top may cause you to lose a few of the blooms if it has not already flowered. Other than that,I see no problem pruning the tree to fit your needs. Best of luck in your new home and feel free to ask any more questions regarding this, or any other matter in your new landscape. Stephen.)

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Answer #2 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hello-Stephen is correct that pruning your crape myrtle now will put off blooming for another month or so. Depending on how much pruning is done will determine the amount of blooming you will get this year as the blooms develop on new growth. Pruning now and removing the sucker shoots from the base of the tree should promote no problems.

Below I have noted a link to a good article in Gardenality that explains 'How To Prune a Crape Myrtle'. Although you won't be doing this amount of pruning at this time of year it is a great article to keep in mind as you prune now. You can study the size and shape of your tree now as you are trimming it away from your home. This along with the articles suggestions hopefully will make next spring pruning easier for you. Just click on the link below to go directly to the article.


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Answer #3 ·'s Answer · I agree with both Stephen and John. Perhaps your crape myrtle has already bloomed...mine here in mid-Georgia have. If so, it won't hurt to do some minor pruning to remove branches and stems that are touching your house and any suckers that are growing from the base. I had this same problem at my last home with two 25 foot tall Natchez Crape Myrtle that were planted in front of my home about 5 feet away from the foundation. Good thing is, they were planted on the west side of the house so probably helped reduce the ac costs. But I had to prune some branches of every summer. If not, they'd end up laying all over the roof and banging up against the gutters when there was wind.)

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