How To Treat Brown Patches And Spots On My Leyland Cypress?

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How too treat for brown spots

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · It could be seiridium canker...the most damaging disease of Leyland Cypress. I think this disease is caused by poor air circulation and high humidity that becomes trapped in the interior of the trees...when trees were planted and are growing too close together. Many folks bought small leyland cypress, a foot or two in height, and planted them 3 or 4 feet apart. Eventually, the cypress trees become seriously overcrowded and the trapped humdity leads to the onset of Seiridium unicorne, a fungus that leads to Seiridium canker. Leyland Cypress should be spaced a minimum of 8 to 10 feet apart.

The cankers form on stems, branches and in branch axils causing twig, branch or, at least on smaller plants, stem dieback. Cankers appear as sunken, dark brown or purplish patches on the bark, often accompanied by extensive resin flow. It should be noted that resin exudation often occurs from the branches and stems of otherwise healthy plants of Leyland cypress thus resin flow by itself is not a diagnostic characteristic for Seiridium canker. It's the scattered twigs or branches killed by the fungus that turn bright reddish brown, and are in striking contrast to the dark green healthy foliage, that indicates the presence of the disease.

Spores of the fungus are spread to other parts of an infected tree, or from tree to tree by water splash from rain or irrigation. The fungus also can be spread from tree to tree on pruning tools. As Brooks said, if you catch it soon enough, affected stems, twigs and branches can be removed in an attempt to save the tree and prevent spread of the disease.)

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Joseph,

Sounds like your Leyland Cypress may have die back. The best thing to do is prune off each brown area. This is the only way to fix the problem. There are no fungicides that control this problem. Die back is spread to other branches and other plants by rain. The splashing of rain transfers the disease.

Prune as soon as possible. Make sure to prune well below the brown area. If the entire branch is brown prune it all the way off. If over head irrigation is hitting the plants make sure to stop the watering. Never water the foliage in the evenings or just before dark. This will breed fungus and disease.

Hope this helps you.

Send over a picture if you can.

Brooks Wilson))

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If watering is required make sure to water at the base of the plants.

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