Best Time To Dethatch A Lawn

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When is the best time to restore my lawn by dethatching?

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Answer #2 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Never de-thatch in fall, winter or early spring as this will remove thatch from a dormant lawn that may otherwise protect the root systems from freezing. Wait until your local weatherman has said there will be no more freezing weather to de-thatch in spring. To reduce the amount of thatch buildup in your Bermuda, Zoysia or Centipede lawn, use a grass catcher on your mower at least every other mowing. Always catch clippings if grass has been allowed to grow too tall and you will be removing more than 1/3 the height of your grass during a mowing. Consider purchasing a mulching mower or mulching blade to use on your existing mower. These blades tend to chop clipping into smaller pieces that will decompose more quickly and reduce thatch buildup. )

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · De-thatch your lawn after it has greened up in Spring. Before de-thatching your lawn, mow it to 1" height. The best way to de-thatch your lawn, particularly if it over 3,000 square feet in size, is to use a power de-thatcher. You can usually rent these from your local tool and equipment rental store. If you do not have a local rental store consider purchasing and using a de-thatching attachment you can use on your riding or self-propelled mower. De-thatching hand rakes are also available at your local nursery and garden center or hardware store.)

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Answer #3 · Chason Arthur's Answer · The best time to dethatch is when your lawn has freshly broken dormancy in Spring - not when it's stressed in the heat of summer or cold of winter. )

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